Dessert Madness, our delicious diversion from March Madness

My husband, Jamie is a fanatical college basketball fan.  He has had 6th row seats for SDSU Aztecs basketball games over the past 10 years.  Being married to me, he has also become a dessert lover.

Last year, he created a game that married two of his passions to help us name the most popular Extraordinary Dessert.  We launched it on our Facebook page and based on the results, we have decided to make it even more appetizing by adding more desserts and prizes.  The competition is fierce but also uber delicious.

Dessert Madness offers our Facebook fans a different match-up of two different desserts each day to vote on.  The dessert with the most votes at the end of the day wins and moves on to play another day against another winning dessert.  We keep going throughout March until our championship match-up on March 31, when our top dessert will be crowned.


We feature the desserts going against each other in both of our locations each day, so that our fans can taste the thrill of victory.  These are our most popular desserts, so they will be available while supplies last.

To help encourage participation, every time one of our fans votes, they are added into a random drawing to win Extraordinary Prizes like: Happy Hour for six at our 5th Avenue store, signed copies of Extraordinary Cakes, and gift cards.

The brackets are broken down into two categories: Dark Chocolate Bracket and the Fruited & Non-Dark Chocolate Bracket.

The Dark Chocolate Bracket (in order of seeding) is: Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding, Viking, Dulce de Leche, Gianduia, Pot de Crème, Moroccan, Chocolate Beignet, Dame Chocolate, La Bete Noir, Au Chocolat, Chocolate Tiramisu, Chocolate Macadamia Torte, Truffe Framboise, Triple Chocolate Mousse, Hot Fudge Sundae, and Chocolate Chunk Short Bread.


The Fruited & Non-Dark Chocolate Bracket is: Passion Fruit Ricotta Cake, Shangri-La, Napoleon, Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake, Banana Cream Tart, Ivoire Royale, Blood Orange Ricotta, White Chocolate Linzer Torte, Lemon Praline Torte, Dulce de Leche Cheese Cake, Tres Leches Cake, Raspberry Linzer Danish, Coconut Cream Torte, Frasier Triple Berry Torte, Pavlova, and Carrot Cake Crème Brulee.


Jamie and I have both picked Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding, last year’s champion, to run away with victory again this year.  It’s just so warm and buttery and chocolaty.  It’s even better smothered with whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream.

I hope you play and can help your favorite become the champion of Dessert Madness for 2012.


About Extraordinary Desserts

Over 20 years ago, Karen Krasne opened the first Extraordinary Desserts at 2929 5th Avenue near San Diego’s Balboa Park. Since then, Extraordinary Desserts has become one of San Diego’s most prominent dining establishments and has expanded to include a second location in San Diego’s Little Italy area at 1430 Union Street as well as a line of gourmet products and a robust online store. From the dazzling artistry and sublime taste of its award-winning sweets to the attentive customer service, Extraordinary Desserts has built a strong reputation for its decadent, gourmet dessert creations, elegant eats, and extraordinary experience. As a result, Extraordinary Desserts is consistently a top pick by critics and readers of both local and national publications. Owner and executive chef Karen Krasne studied at Paris’ best pastry schools. She uses only organic ingredients when possible, and adorns each luxurious dessert with locally-grown fresh flowers, her signature edible gold leaf, autumn leaves, and sinfully sweet sauces making her creations a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Extraordinary Desserts, Little Italy 1430 Union Street San Diego, CA 92101 Phone: (619) 294-7001 Extraordinary Desserts, Balboa Park 2929 Fifth Avenue San Diego, CA 92103 Phone: (619) 294-2132
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3 Responses to Dessert Madness, our delicious diversion from March Madness

  1. Amy says:

    the Chocolate Bread Pudding is by far one of the best things I have ever eaten!!! it will always be my #1

  2. limor says:

    hello i wanted to ask if you can share the recipe for the Caramelized chocolate lava buns, i have yoour book and i must say that it is the most beautiful and Professional, thank you for your book , i think that one book is not Enough…Indeed, it involves a lot of investment, please can you At least give me the recipe…?

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