Extraordinarily Vegan and Gluten Free

We have been embracing vegan and gluten free foods in our home for many years because of my background in nutrition and how great I feel when coming home from a detoxing retreat.  Most recently I travelled to the Philippines for a juice fasting and raw foods getaway at the Farm.  Everything was so creative, beautiful and delicious that I was inspired to develop new menu items for my restaurants.

My challenge was to create vegan and gluten free foods that would be so delicious that even non-vegans and those who don’t have wheat restrictions would enjoy.

My personal favorite of the new items is the Vegan Mezze Platter, which includes basil jalapeno pesto, artichoke walnut tapenade, romesco sauce, and zucchini tahini hummus.   These four dips,served with warm bread and artisanal crackers, make a great meal for two paired with a bottle of wine.

Other new savory items include an Asian Garden Salad and Tofu Club Panini.  Also shown in the photo above are the Fruited Green Salad and the Hummus with Gluten Free Bread and Flax Seed Crackers.

When I’m in a more decadent mood or going to a family gathering, I love the Banana Cream Cake (gluten free), Chocolate Dulce de Leche bar (gluten free), and the Chocolate Frosted Bundt Cake (vegan and gluten free).  Shown below, I think you will agree that these desserts are just as delicious and extraordinary as our other delicacies.

The Dame Chocolat is a show-stopping wedding cake that is also gluten free.

Flourless and vegan Chocolate Frosted Bundt Cakes make a festive addition to a dessert table.

Whether you have dietary restrictions or not, you will definitely want to try these delicious new selections.  Our vegan and gluten free savory items are available everyday on our regular menu while our dessert selections change daily.  I hope to see you soon.

Thank you, Karen

About Extraordinary Desserts

Over 20 years ago, Karen Krasne opened the first Extraordinary Desserts at 2929 5th Avenue near San Diego’s Balboa Park. Since then, Extraordinary Desserts has become one of San Diego’s most prominent dining establishments and has expanded to include a second location in San Diego’s Little Italy area at 1430 Union Street as well as a line of gourmet products and a robust online store. From the dazzling artistry and sublime taste of its award-winning sweets to the attentive customer service, Extraordinary Desserts has built a strong reputation for its decadent, gourmet dessert creations, elegant eats, and extraordinary experience. As a result, Extraordinary Desserts is consistently a top pick by critics and readers of both local and national publications. Owner and executive chef Karen Krasne studied at Paris’ best pastry schools. She uses only organic ingredients when possible, and adorns each luxurious dessert with locally-grown fresh flowers, her signature edible gold leaf, autumn leaves, and sinfully sweet sauces making her creations a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Extraordinary Desserts, Little Italy 1430 Union Street San Diego, CA 92101 Phone: (619) 294-7001 Extraordinary Desserts, Balboa Park 2929 Fifth Avenue San Diego, CA 92103 Phone: (619) 294-2132
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5 Responses to Extraordinarily Vegan and Gluten Free

  1. Paul Jamason says:

    As someone who can’t do dairy, this is great. I’m usually limited to sorbets (or a cookie and a lactaid pill) when we visit, which is tough given all the enticing desserts. Looking forward to trying them soon!

  2. rachel says:

    hello karen please can you give me the recipe for the dulce de leche cake , i really want to surprise my mom, i know its a lot to ask but please, Unfortunately I do not live in the u.s and i really wanted to make this divine cake for my mom,please…

  3. Neale Gold says:

    I love your dessert shops but have heard about and now read about your own healthy choosings. You are a food genius and I’d love to know if you have any plans to expand or open a healthy vegan or raw restaurant in San Diego. I sure hope so!!!

  4. limor says:

    hello, sorry for asking…I wanted to make cake from the book and I was very impressed from the bittersweet chocolate ganache, you showed in wordpress (the belle noir video) it has almost a black color, the introduction explaining that uses only Valrhona’s chocolate and i saw that they have many types, can you direct me to a specific type of Valrhona’s chocolate did you use to make the ganache from the belle noir video?
    Grateful if you could answer me!
    i`m sure you Have you heard Many people look forward with longing to your next book, which I think is a treasure.

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