Welcome to the Extraordinary Desserts blog where it is my goal to let you in on some of the insights, inspirations, and passions behind being a pastry chef/owner of our decadent restaurants, while also striving for balance with family, friends, travel, yoga, and life.

If this is your first Extraordinary Desserts experience, let me share with you a little about myself and my dessert establishments. Our original cafe is located in San Diego’s historical Balboa Park neighborhood, and our second restaurant opened in 2004 in the urban neighborhood of Little Italy near Downtown San Diego.  In addition to the desserts, cakes, and teas that we have become known for, our second location features panini sandwiches, salads, artisan cheeses, and a selection of fine wines and craft beers.

Food is best enjoyed as a reflection of culture. So our desserts are embellished with tastes from around the world, and our cafes are filled with delightful mementos I’ve discovered on my travels-from Italian horn-handled cake knives to African woven wedding baskets. By creating an enchanting mood with the flavors and unique artistry please, I encourage my customers to lose themselves completely in the sweet sensuality of it all.

I studied pastry-making at the Cordon Bleu, and I return to France regularly to train with the masters at Le Notre and Bellouet Conseil, but my trips to exotic places are what truly inspire the creativity in my desserts.

After doing some inward exploration, I discovered a delectable connection between the spirituality of my yoga practice and the pleasure of enjoying dessert. I was searching for a simple word to use on our exclusive line of gourmet products that would sum up the essence of what we’re all about. When I learned of the yoga mantra “yum” – a healing chant for the heart – I realized the connection!

Our lotus flower logo also reflects the spirit of Extraordinary Desserts. The lotus flower opens and closes every day in a ritual of renewal. It’s this continual reinvention that has promised an element of excitement and surprise for visitors to Extraordinary Desserts since I opened its doors in 1988.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

However, I welcome you to join us in one of our locations to enjoy the latest desserts, foods, cheeses, coffees, teas, fine wines, etc.  that are a part of our ever-changing experience.

Karen Krasne

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  1. Ben says:

    My wife and I head down from Los Angeles to San Diego every year for our anniversary and Extraordinary Desserts is a place we visit each time. Friends we recommended to eat when they went to San Diego were there a few weeks after your book came out and they bought it and brought it back up. We pulled it out one Saturday thinking we’d make a cake and eat it that night (not having read anything in the book at that point.) Someone picked the Tortamisu and after realizing it takes a couple of days (and a lot of cream!) We couldn’t believe we actually created an extraordinary cake. That was in November of 2011. Since then, we’ve mad 8 of the cakes in the book and created one of our own based off of various reciepes in the book. We have since read in detail so much of the book and have become known for these cakes that we have to keep reminding people that we just make them from a book and aren’t the amazing pastry chefs they believe we are! They are centerpieces for life events like our kids’ birthdays and everyone we invite to the parties knowing an extraordinary cake is being served will come! Thank you so much for creating these beautiful desserts. Now if only you’d publish that amazing chocolate coffee cake recipe…

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